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Ray’s Story

Widely considered one of the top 10 wedding and event filmmakers on the planet. People from all over the world recognize Ray Roman for his incredibly cinematic wedding films. If you have ever seen one of these moving and inspirational films, then you know just why. What you may not know is that Ray actually comes from a SWAT team background — and although it may seem like an unlikely starting point for an acclaimed wedding filmmaker, it actually provided him with many of the guiding principles that helped form his illustrious career….read more

Pros Say
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 1
    "When it comes to learning the ins and outs of wedding cinema, there is one name in the industry – Ray Roman. Ray’s workshops will give you the tools and insight to taking your business to that next level!"
    Sal Cincotta, Salvatore Cincotta Photography, St. Louis
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 2
    "In 2010 when I decided to expand my business and offer wedding films, I knew of only one place that I could go to step up my wedding filmmaking game – Ray Roman's workshops! Ray is an inspiration to many filmmakers trying to grow, and having the chance to work hands on and learn from such a talented artist was a blessing. I highly recommend you jump at such an opportunity!"
    Vinny Hogan, the LXA, Inc., Fort Lauderdale
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 3
    "As someone who shoots not only weddings, but also commercial work and reality shows, I can tell you Ray techniques are beyond comparison. His use of lighting and camera movements makes some of the most remarkable imagery I have ever soon. If you are NOT planning on attending one of his workshops, you are already falling behind your competition."
    John Bujak, 11-4 Productions, Detroit
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 4
    "Ray Roman’s workshop isn’t just an extraordinary educational experience, its a business game-changer! His hands on approach, insight and cinematic knowledge was priceless for enriching our company. Since working with Ray, we’ve literally doubled our bookings and the calls keep on coming! Words can not describe how grateful we are to Ray Roman! A million thank you’s aren’t enough!!"
    Kyla & Shaun Handley
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 5
    "Not only is Ray Roman a master filmmaker, he does an amazing job sharing all of his knowledge. Every element of our business has improved since attending Ray’s workshop."
    Matthew & Inese Hanlon
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 6
    "Getting a behind the scenes look into how Ray makes his cinematic masterpieces was both invaluable and completely inspiring. Learned some new techniques in both filming and editing that have really helped enhance and streamline my own work. I can’t recommend Ray’s workshops enough. They’re a blast!"
    Keith Jurow – Small Moments Studios
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 7
    "I just wanted to say thank you for everything you shared at the workshop. I have tried out your packaging and extras system and have seen a huge increase in our profits and overall client happiness!"
    Patrick Howell
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 8
    "I felt really confident and energized after their workshop and have been continually implementing many principles I learned into my own business. Ray’s Workshop is Necessary Training for Live Event Filmmakers!"
    Lubomyr "Lou" Kulynych
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 9
    "I am glad that I attended Ray Roman’s workshop. It opened a lot of doors for me. I learned things that I would never have learned by myself. My questions, from technical skills to business and everything in between (Yes, I was like the excited geeky student, prepared with my question-filled notepad), were all answered by Ray. No question was left unanswered. He was really humble and was open to share his knowledge and experiences. At the workshop, Ray went over tons of material. From workflow, to creative shooting techniques, to audio tips, color grading and a lot more! If you plan on being one of the best in your area (or in the world), I highly recommend taking his workshops."
    Sigmund Reboquio
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 10
    "Ray’s workshop opened doors for me I could NOT have imagined just 3 years ago. It’s THAT good. I highly recommend it, because it’s an investment that will take you to the next level."
    Ivan Barra – Ivan Barra Films
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 11
    "Simply put this is a “no brainer” for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and grow as an event filmmaker. It amazed us how much you took us through."
    Jason & Jim – Boston Wedding Films
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 12
    "Without a doubt, attending Ray Roman’s workshop was the greatest single thing I did last year to improve my business. The knowledge that Ray is willing to share with you is priceless."
    Wade Chan-Kent
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 13
    "Ray Roman is a remarkable filmmaker and teacher. I came away full of knowledge and confidence to film wedding entirely on DSLR’s something I would suggest you do not attempt without full knowledge and training."
    David Stone – South Africa
  • Wedding Video Testimonial 14
    "Ray Roman taught me how to master shot composition, lighting, sound, and color correction. In one course, he took me from an up and coming videographer to an accomplished cinematographer by showing me how to capture the best moments and make unbelievable films from them."
    Nicholas Pollicino – In Focus Video